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Winter: The Christmas rose in music and mythology

Not only we are enchanted by the breathtakingly beautiful Christmas rose. Even artists felt inspired by her, and even in mythology she was mentioned. So, as an example, the original text version of our Christmas carol "Lo, how a Rose e’er blooming" originated possibly from a monk named Laurentius, who discovered a blossoming Christmas rose on a Christmas forest walk in the snow, and the song "A rose blossoms at Christmas time" is even a true Christmas rose. This song was best known for the interpretation of the tenor René Kollo and the baritone Thomas Hampson, but Eduard Mörike also seems to have fallen in love with the Christmas rose, because one of his poems about this beauty of a plant begins with (translated from German): "The most beautiful you are, Child of the moon, not of the sun”. However, the Christmas rose was spoken of much earlier, for example in a legend from Germanic mythology, according to which a child was exposed and cast out by his evil aunt at night, the goddess Freya taking pity and transforming it into a Christmas rose. Since then this plant has been inhabited by a child soul and is considered a symbol of innocence..


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