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Roses … as a sign of secrecy!

Did you know that roses can also be a sign of mystery and secrecy? Even the ancient Romans used the saying "sub rosa dictum", which literally means "said under a rose" and meaning "between you and me". This is because the rose has been considered a symbol of secrecy since ancient times, as the five-part flower arrangement symbolizes the pentagram and thus the mystery. Therefore, in ancient Rome, when a rose hung on the ceiling in secret meetings or, in later Europe, a fresh rose was met on the door of the city council, everyone present knew that they had to be secretive about what had been said. Stucco roses on the ceilings of city halls or in the form of carvings on old confessionals in Christian churches are reminiscent of this type of agreement.

In London, even today, it is customary to place a sword on a rose-strewn table when the council meets to elect the Lord Mayor.



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